Hidden Prophecy

The year is 2078. Two years before the final battle of Armageddon, the Antichrist has taken over the cloned Islamic Supreme Leader who has united all warring Muslim factions by deception and is about to unleash the final blow on the universe. The Hidden Prophecy dating back to the 9th Century mentions how a young woman, the Anointed One will fall in love with a man to be known as the Chosen One and together they must set out to defeat this evil. Both of them must remain pure at heart and exercise their free will, have an undivided commitment to their faith and be willing to accept the secrets of an ancient technology not known yet to modern man in order to defeat the Islamic leader with the green turban.

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Chapters 1 & 2, Hidden Prophecy

Hidden Prophecy – The Beginning

Chapter One

French-Swiss Alps, 762 AD

Nightfall had firmly settled over the Saint Ada Monastery. Tucked underneath snow-capped mountains and cooled by frequent alpine breezes, the small and quaint monastery was home to Sister Elizabeth of Sion, formally Marie Collette.

From a young age, Marie Collette seemed unfazed with her family’s fortune. Rather, she was more intrigued with her family’s ties with the regal yet benevolent Bishop of Sion, His Excellency, the Right Reverend Jean Rotten. The bishop had established an aggressive network of charities serving several underprivileged villages within his otherwise affluent diocese. Marie’s father, Pierre Collette, was a wealthy tradesman in Sion and a private contributor to the bishop’s charity work. He and the bishop were friends from grade school and their bond grew stronger through the years even though their lives had taken such different paths. The Collette family had kept their contributions secret to avoid any publicity and to safeguard the family interests from certain circles in Sion that did not look with much favor on the bishop’s work. One would be hard pressed to talk badly of the Collette family for they were known not only for their integrity in commerce but also for their overall demeanor. During Christmas the entire family would stand in the cold temperatures outside of their shop distributing complementary assortments of delicacies to all passers-by. Little Marie always took it upon herself to give more than the usual allotment to families that were of lesser means. Marie would find her way to various dwellings and witness first hand the difficult living conditions that children encountered who lived on or below the poverty line. Every time she would leave such areas, she felt an even strong love for her father because of the substantial donations he was making to these underprivileged families. Her admiration and respect for Bishop Rotten also grew. Marie began to identify herself closely with the charitable work of the Church. The poor housing conditions, foul odors and occasional grunts by intoxicated men where a far cry from what she was accustomed to. These contrasts created internal struggles and she would wrestle many times with her own conscious. Marie slowly came to realize that genuinely helping others required more than just acts of charity. It required a life commitment.

Pierre Collette had financed a private education for his daughter, something rare for young women during this time. Throughout her adolescent and teen years, Marie had gracefully developed into a woman of enduring compassion and intellect. She had a radiant personality and along with her attractive exterior features, Marie was courted by many men. She had such unintended control of over them however that only the most daring tried to court her. Yet one disappointment after the other would prevail because she simply was not interested in giving her life to just one man. The disappointment was widespread but none more so than for her father Pierre. Marie was his only daughter of three children and she had a special place in his heart. He had hoped that she would marry well and become a respected member of both French and Swiss societies. The memories of her boasting of how she would become the first female physician of Sion always brought a smile to his face. She was strong willed, even stubborn giving her father some comfort in knowing that she would not be easily swayed or taken advantage of. Pierre Collette did not adhere much to the norms of his time however he was careful not to subject Marie to any public scrutiny on the one hand yet he wanted to afford her the opportunity to chase her dreams. Even on the matter of pre-arranged marriages, he was adamant his daughter would have the exclusive choice of picking her husband. He was not able however to see that his daughter was far removed from such affairs. He attributed the lack of a son in law as a result of Marie’s high standards in seeking someone with the highest of moral standards. Pierre figured that his daughter had not found the right person yet. Little did he know, that there was another institution she sought to marry; the church.

Following Bishop Rotten’s example, Marie had decided to give her life to the one institution that sought to make a difference in the lives of many. Her father was nearly devastated when he first heard of the news that Marie had wanted to become a nun. He was at first overwhelmed with guilt for he felt that he bared some if not all of the responsibility for Marie making such a choice for her life. He never would have thought that his involvement with the bishop’s charity work would have such an impact on his daughter.

‘This is the will of God and there is nothing that neither you nor I can do to change the course that our Lord has chartered for Marie my dear friend’. Bishop Rotten tried to console his friend as best he could. It would take much more persuasion to make any significant inroads with his completely distraught friend.

‘Do you not remember during her childhood years how she shared all of her possessions; allowed herself to be taken advantage of by those too blind to see her sincere benevolence? Indeed she would have made a wonderful physician and a loving wife but she will heal the souls of so many more and her marriage to the Church is equal if not more divine in nature. Be at ease my friend, you have done well and most of all be humbled by what you and your family have given to this struggling world’.

Pierre Collette would remain still and silent for several minutes long after each discussion with his friend. He knew the bishop was sincerely concerned about his family’s well being.

‘I must accept her choice with humility and grace’. She will be remembered for doing great things and for this I am certain. God, I pray that you watch over her’. Pierre began to accept his beloved daughter’s choice.

The years had passed and Sister Elizabeth had gracefully aged into a pious and merciful servant of God. Saint Ada Monastery ran an open clinic several days out of the week and many of the region’s sick would make their way to the monastery to be tended to. Sister Elizabeth would spend countless hours counseling mothers on how to raise their children spiritually and how to treat various illnesses. She strongly believed that God through the Holy Spirit had given man the capacity to overcome their misfortunes and miseries and to prevent harm from impairing both body and soul. The power of prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit that was everywhere was what man needed to reach out in order to receive all of its glory. To most of the visitors at the monastery, she was a visionary and someone who helped prepare them for their future. Her teachings of empowerment through faith greatly differed from the normal conceptions of unconditional acceptance. Sister Elizabeth prayed that she be put into a situation that would further help man prepare for the future. Years would pass and her prayers began to slowly materialize as she began to see events that had not yet occurred. Visions of seemingly harmless things slowly lead to bigger ones that would trouble those who lived in the region and beyond. Sister Elizabeth’s visions were gradually becoming a precursor to something bigger and vastly important.

The long winters and difficult monastic life began to slowly take its toll on her physical well being. The difficult daily regiment began to wear her down however her visions were becoming clearer. Sister Elizabeth was more confined to her cell and her public appearances were becoming fewer and fewer. Although she was becoming frail, this did not discourage villagers from flocking to the monastery to receive her blessing and to hear her prophetic teachings and more importantly her advice on how to overcome major difficulties. With public appearances rare, young nuns would spend hours in her cell writing down her thoughts, prayers and consultations and soon daily readings became a common occurrence at the monastery with women and children filling the monastery grounds in anticipation.

On one particularly cold winter night, Sister Elizabeth did not have a good sleep. She began to experience a revelation like none other before. It was so powerful and traumatic that she woke into a cold sweat and quickly sprung to her feet with effortless agility as if she was once again a teenager. A small shining light had beamed through the window causing a complete white flash to blind her for several seconds in her dark cell. The brightness was so powerful that Sister Elizabeth was unable to open her eyes even after burying her head in her hands. For the first time in many years her body felt completely warm and without any aches or pain as she mechanically walked towards the window. The light began to slowly dim in her cell as the shadow of an angel figure began to transcend on the wall. A calming voice spoke to her not to be frightened and that she had been chosen to receive one of the most important prophecies ever relayed to man from God. Sister Elizabeth began walking closer to the wall reaching her hand out as if to touch it. Instantly the room lit once again with an even more powerful force of light accompanied with a strong gust of chilling wind even though the window was shut. She immediately fell to her knees with head down.

‘I have come to answer your prayers and you question my intentions?

‘Forgive me for my moment of weakness’ she replied with a slight tremor in her voice.

‘You have been a faithful servant all of your life and God indeed loves you. Not once did you seek to capitalize on the weakness of so many who have come to you. Others may have sought to profit from this but you remained faithful and honorable and this is why so many flock to you. They come and listen with their hearts and because of this you have been chosen to receive the words of a prophecy that in due time will help man in his darkest hour to escape the clutches of the antichrist. Are you willing to answer this call and help carry out the will of God? Remember that much of what you are about to hear and therefore write will be completely incomprehensible to you. Yet you must remained focus and write exactly what you being told. Hundreds and hundreds of years will pass before man sets eyes on this. This is being written in their language, for their times’.

Without lifting her head she nodded in acceptance. The shadow continued: ‘You will not leave this cell for several days but you will not tire nor will you require any food or water as the Holy Spirit shall provide for you. No one else shall enter your cell as only you are to bear witness to what you are about to receive. The others will worry about your well-being but you must send them away. Tell them to have faith in you and they shall obey’.

Sister Elizabeth was instructed to walk over to her small desk and pull a blank scroll from the adjacent straw basket that had many neatly stacked scrolls in it. Without saying a word, she waited patiently for her instructions which came when the light in the room rescinded and the image on the wall now hovered over her desk creating a warm overhead light. The prophecy she was about to receive was going to be spread across various secret locations. Once it was complete, only those who will be chosen to protect and to execute it shall be allowed to know its content. Parts of it may be known to some but not to others.

The antichrist will arise by the actions of man and therefore the prophecy must never be known to the world before its time. If it were to fall into the hands of such dark forces, mankind would tragically come to a complete end. The prophecy therefore had to remain hidden and as such would simply be known as the Hidden Prophecy.

Sister Elizabeth was told of the first persons who would read the Hidden Prophecy. They were none other than Charlemagne, Emperor of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empress Irene of Athens and Pope Leo III. Upon hearing the names of these three most powerful people, she realized that God indeed had chosen her for something important. Not once did she raise a question or react awkwardly to the words she was receiving. Her true purpose in life was at hand. She was saddened by the fact that man would charter on a course in history to manipulate God’s will. How could it be that man would use his privilege of free will to undermine the very creation of which he is the beneficiary of? She would struggle to understand when asking herself this question. Yet God would not leave his creation to simply fend for itself even if there are those who were determined to destroy it. The Hidden Prophesy was yet another example of God’s insistence that man could reverse the tide of darkness.

During the long strenuous hours of writing the prophecy, Sister Elizabeth would deeply pray over the scrolls for the loss of life and for the destruction that the world was to witness. Her tears would run down her face and drip onto the scrolls causing the ink to run. Closing her eyes to deeply pray, she would open them to see that the scrolls were dry, unscathed and in the same condition. Nothing it seemed was going to stand in the way of the prophecy from being completed.

The Hidden Prophecy was to be different from all others in that it was not only going to describe future events but it was also to prescribe how man would be able to save himself from complete self inflicted annihilation. It was also in some respects going to be a living prophecy in that others would follow in the coming centuries expanding on many of the premises found in the Hidden Prophecy. The tenants of the Greek, Roman and Germanic cultures are bound to slowly perish over time. The ideals that laid the foundations of western civilization and its development would be challenged and overrun by those that oppose free will and personal freedom. In the last three centuries before the final countdown, a wave of indoctrinated fatalism intertwined in the Islamic faith will unleash a wrath of distorted beliefs in absolutism with zero tolerance for dissent and compromise. The world will come to know of several materializations of the antichrist that will plunge much of the world into acts of death and destruction. One such materialization will rise from the banks of the Danube and his actions will exceed the level of calamity as never seen before. He will be defeated only to give rise to the next materialization of the antichrist that will come from the East and whose actions shall surpass the level of destruction of the previous one. This antichrist however will only be defeated if the Hidden Prophecy is never found and executed. A third world war will be the precursor to the greatest war of all with the antichrist at its core. The Battle of Armageddon will come. On the one side shall stand nations that follow the Word of the Lord and who desperately seek to hold onto the traditions of Hellenism, multiculturalism and diversity. On the other side shall stand nations that adhere to the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad but who have slowly watered away the inclusion of the once rich tradition of openness and inquiry that were not only rooted in the Hellenistic school of thought and compatible to original Islamic discourse. The bridges between these two civilizations will slowly disintegrate over the centuries with Hellenism, a common thread in both; coming under constant attack predominately from the East but not exclusively. The rise of fatalism and fundamental indoctrination in the East, a complete perversion of Islamic teachings that is, will reach a climax pitting East versus West. The antichrist shall find fertile ground to rally the East around him as they will have ample proof throughout history of western aggression. The Persians shall lead the charge against the West as their animosity towards the West and vise versa shall reach a point of no return. Great technological breakthroughs in the East, liberal rationalization in the West will create a battlefield of equally matched adversaries. The antichrist will unite all Islamic factions under one banner but not by reaching theological consensus in competing Islamic interpretation, but rather from a common political motive. Hostility, animosity and aggression will seep their way into the teachings of a faith that otherwise preach an obedience towards God. Only the advent of individual free will can counter the quest for world governance and dominance. It shall remain to be seen however if such men of free will indeed rise in these deceived nations.

Prior to the Battle of Armageddon, not all nations will participate in the conflict between East and West. There are those in the West who will remain idle in this great divide for fear of war and destruction reaching their own lands while others will try to profit from the mutual destruction between the two warring factions. Nations that are neither Christian nor Muslim will be courted by both in order to gain favor and form alliances. These nations however will restrain from making outright allegiances. It is only when they will fall under the threat themselves of a blanketed quest for world domination that they will be forced to chose. The world nevertheless will be covered with darkness and the smell of carnage shall linger for decades as isolated acts of brutality will serve as a constant reminder of the evil faced by men of free will.

The latest antichrist will not be born into the world but rather will be the generic creation of man’s doing. The thirst for world governance will spur the advent of the belief that only under one true religion and system of belief can the world live in harmony. This will be the basis of the East’s motivation to create a human being through genetic reproduction to meet this end. Yet not known to the initiators of this grand plan is that the Dark One shall attempt to usurp all of the capacities of this perfect creation and from it become the antichrist not born but rather created; not swayed but rather programmed, not liked but always feared.

The prophecy explains that only through true love, compassion and individual freedom can the world be saved. As there is no greater love on earth then between that of a woman and a man, the prophecy further goes on to state that only when two particular individuals with historical significance deriving from their ancestral roots connect their genuine love, can another true renaissance of Hellenism be brought to the forefront on the world stage. The Anointed One as the woman shall come to be known shall be the beam that distributes to the world the long lost philosophies, technologies and ideals of a forgotten Hellenism. The man that she must carefully choose to stand by her side and to consecrate the most ultimate of love will guide and support her in this most challenging endeavor. The Chosen One is therefore the one who must forfeit everything including his very life if necessary. Both the Anointed One and the Chosen One will have their ancestral roots traceable back to both Charlemagne and Empress Irene of Athens. These two historical figures dared to love one another in secret not only for the good of empire but also to ensure that the foundations of western society would be safeguarded from external attacks. So too must the Anointed One and Chosen One risk it all for their ultimate love in order to save mankind itself. If the Anointed One fails to make the right selection of the Chosen One, one of three tragic events will occur. Firstly, the antichrist shall be victorious and the entire human race shall kneel before it. The second scenario entails that the antichrist is destroyed but not before it destroys the entire world. Lastly, the antichrist may be defeated but not entirely destroyed and thus still plaguing mankind for at least another one thousand years.

After several days of Sister Elizabeth being confined to her cell and with nearly the entire convent banging outside her door demanding to enter and confirm that she was well, Sister Elizabeth unlocked the door and allowed the abyss and two other senior nuns to enter her cell. They were all in shock to see her glow with such radiance and in good physical condition even though no food had been taken by her for days. She seemed to be in a complete state of tranquility and nothing that the other nuns said or did seemed to distract her attention from looking out the window. Sister Elizabeth would whisper from time to time the word “hope” nodding her head as if engaged in some discussion with someone and being in full agreement. She asked that all the other nuns repeat the word ‘hope’ much to their dismay holding their hands in the process. Little did they know that they were being told to recite the name “Hope”. The nuns could not understand why Sister Elizabeth locked herself in her cell. They attributed this as her own peculiar way of penance and for showing her undivided love for God. Hope they whispered to themselves was what all men should live with. The sisters all prayed that evening for hope.

The image that dictated the Hidden Prophecy to Sister Elizabeth would reappear many times over the years. The details and accounts were long and very detailed. Thirty years would need to pass before the prophecy was complete. When done, Sister Elizabeth was ready to join God in Heaven as she knew that her work was done and purpose complete. On the first day of spring in 833A.D, Sister Elizabeth fell into an eternal sleep. No one would sit at her desk again as her cell became a special place of homage for visitors to the monastery. Those who were blessed to have met her and to have been guided by her prayers and direction dedicated a part if not all of their lives to her. She had impacted the lives of so many before she began to write the Hidden Prophecy. It remained to be seen if history would pay a greater level of respect to this pious nun who sacrificed over thirty years of her remaining life to write the Hidden Prophecy.

Chapter Two

In the Persian theocratic state during the 1980’s, the Ayatollah Khomeini felt his years slipping away. His dream of being accepted by the entire Muslim world as the 13th Imam would not come to be. Although disappointed by the shortcoming of his personal ambition, the ultimate goal however of Islamic world supremacy which fueled his ambitions in the first place could not be compromised. The Ayatollah had a master plan that would take decades to bring to fruition and required massive economic and scientific risks. His plan would reach to all four corners of the world and not just in his homeland of Persia. While still in exile in France during the nineteen seventies, he had gathered his closest confidants and instructed them to recruit young Muslim men who were dedicated in studying genetics and bio-engineering. Particular attention was paid to recruiting men from nations that were under the heavy thumb of western imperialism and therefore would be more susceptible to his more fundamentalist views of Jihad. These young academics would receive large underground financial support to advance their educational training at the best universities in both East and West. In the United Sates alone, some two hundred men had steadily reached the highest levels of prominence at the most prestigious universities heading up various research departments. These men were trained to conceal their interior motives from the all welcoming but unsuspecting Americans. Simultaneously, these scientists and academics would attend privately funded mosques that helped finance Islamic outreach learning centers that preached the more radicalized views of the Ayatollah. Inner cities in major western countries and in particular poor regions in the United States were fertile ground for conversion and indoctrination. The promise of self reliance fueled many and over the years the number of dynamic cells of educated and radicalized American Muslims swelled with many reaching prominent positions of power in government and business as well. America’s openness and system of merit allowed for the highly dedicated and disciplined to excel and these men were both. In the land of his most dreaded adversary, the Ayatollah was slowly planting the seeds of a world revolution.

When the Ayatollah ascended to power in Persia by overthrowing the Shah with mass public support, he immediately increased the financial support ten-fold creating an even larger web of academic jihadists. By this time, most of the first scientists had reached prominent positions in academia and many of them were relocated to Teheran in order to begin consultations with the Ayatollah of just how they were going to clone the future Islamic leader. The Ayatollah instructed his scientists of the characteristic traits their leader should have and this guided the latter to focus specifically on whose DNA composition they should retrieve. The ground work was well underway; the Ayatollah’s dream was finally set into motion. He knew that he would not live to see his dream become a reality as that was going to require years if not decades to materialize. The science was not there quite yet either but he was confident that the newer generation of scientists were going to make the necessary discoveries and breakthroughs. He found comfort however in the belief that the Muslim world was going to one day accept his brand of Islam and united under the supreme leader. Even Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and other religious groups he believed would someday come to realize that Islam, and his interpretations of it, is the only true salvation for the world guaranteeing world harmony. The supreme leader will be the wisest, most benevolent and caring figure ever to walk on earth and the Ayatollah was all but humbled even though the idea was entirely his that this creation would be in his image.

Long after the death of the Ayatollah, a second and third wave of scientists began to relocate to Iran. A vast collection of DNA and other genetic material from major Islamic leaders was being collected in complete secrecy. Graves throughout all of Arabia were dug up and the smallest of samples were taken from great Muslim leaders and warriors alike. From the likes of Abu Bakr who was the first Caliph of Islam after the death of the Prophet Mohammad to Musa bin Nusair and Torgrul, the founder of the Seljuk Dynasty, Islamic leaders known for their intellect and tenacity were especially sought after. More current leaders were the likes of Muhammad Ahmad and just recently were the leaders of the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring which began in the year 2010 and lasted for nearly a decade was supposedly the process of democratization in the Middle East and in North African Islamic countries. Yet many historians would argue today that it was a well orchestrated façade to elevate supposedly moderate Islamic parties who genuinely boasted vast popular support to power. As it turned out, these new governments were not so moderate after all and behind the rhetoric of moderation stood their true hidden agendas if installing fundamentalist Islamic regimes. Any moderate voices were quickly quieted. The West had helped finance and in many instances aided the ‘revolt’ militarily in exchange to secure that their corporations would have an even larger share of the natural resources. The utility of the old standing dictators in these countries had all but expired and it was time for a change. Banking on the hopes of desperate Muslims yearning for freedom and for a better life, the West fell into a trap of needing to deliver to the Muslim masses while safeguarding their own vital interests. Yet the authoritarian regimes of other Islamic countries whose ties with the West and in particular with the United States remained lopsided in favor of the latter witnessed little if any civil unrest. The regimes of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Qatar remained virtually unscathed during this time. Some of the leaders in the newly liberated nations were of the highest caliber in terms of governance and leadership. Well indoctrinated in the Islam of the Ayatollah, militarily trained and astute in mind and media techniques, the accumulation of their DNA was of paramount importance for the younger scientists now in charge of the operation.

The head geneticist and overall project leader of the cloning master plan was Mahmoud Aradanan. Named after a past president of Iran, Mahmoud Aradanan also came from the same village of the former leader. Certain rumors speculated that the two were actually from the same family but this could not be confirmed. Both men were impulsive and in many instances unpredictable. Mahmoud Aradanan had the benefit of living and studying abroad. This however did not soften or westernize his world views. On the contrary, it made him more radical. Originally a staunch follower of the Ayatollah’s Islam, Aradanan went much further in his interpretation of Islamic superiority calling for a worldwide jihad to be initiated in every single country in the world no matter the presence of Muslims. The Ayatollah envisioned the creation of a supreme benevolent Muslim leader that would firstly unite all of Islam in the Islamic world and then through example gradually work towards fading out all other world religions by conversions. Patience, virtue and other similar attributes would be the traits of this manufactured leader. Aradanan however had other thoughts. The supreme leader would need to have other characteristics in addition to patience, virtue and wisdom. He must be mentally strong, excessively aggressive and above all have a merciless resolve to always win. Victors are the only benefactors of history and for Arabanan; this could only be guaranteed by outright conquest and if need be destruction, as history so vividly has shown. Those who will challenge the Supreme Islamic Leader as he would come to be known must be completely annihilated without any remorse. Benevolence, love and compassion would only be afforded to believers. Non-believers will only be tolerated up to a certain point for in the end, they too will need to make a decision to convert or perish.

Arabanan had begun to collect DNA from the most ferocious Islamic warriors and jihadists. Many of them were unknown to the world but not to him. Suicide bombers, mercenaries and fanatical clerics were prime subjects. To Arabanan, nothing was off limits if it meant that the Supreme Islamic Leader would be able to conquer the entire world. If the devil himself had offered to aid in this venture, Arabanan would have seriously contemplated accepting his assistance since it would have meant the complete destruction of all infidels who refused to adhere to the Supreme Islamic Leader.

Unfortunately for all of mankind, the devil never asks; it finds acceptance and enters at free will. Some of Arabanan’s trusted scientists accepted his vision of world dominance but found it more expedient to do so with the help of the Dark One. They had their eyes set on creating a world leader that they would be in control of. The prospect of being in such a position of power was nothing short of intoxicating. Even God would see them as His equals. During one light night at an undisclosed lab in Teheran, Arabanan was preparing to leave after another long day. As he left the premises, shortly thereafter, several mysterious looking figures entered the lab with no resistance coming from the guards. These ghostly looking figures were dressed in odd looking black garments with their faces completely covered. They began chanting as small sparks of flames began to pierce through the floor around the table where the cloned experiment lay. This lasted several minutes and the scientists who had initiated this ritual began to fear for their very lives. The room began to experience a drastic rise in temperature and the chants began to deafen the entire area. Their fears were legitimate. Out of nowhere and without the capacity to react, one of the daunting figures abandoned the dark ceremony lifting a sword from underneath its robe. The sound of the decapitated heads falling one by one onto the floor gave way to the multiple roars from the cloned experiment. In the quest for world domination, it is apparent that there is no loyalty.